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Your reasoning process is the bedrock of great decisions


All decisions are based on judgements. All judgements are uncertain. 

Complex decision making is filled with uncertainty: such as predicting whether policy "x" will achieve outcome "y"; or if an event will occur and whether you should do "x" in anticipation. Your ability to reason under uncertainty is the most important element in reaching the best decisions.


At Daymark.DI, we are specialists in causal and predictive reasoning, and are passionate about helping organisations achieve higher impact and better outcomes.


We do this by providing you with the knowledge and tools to embed cutting-edge reasoning methods into your decision-making processes that will:

  1. Increase your decision accuracy; by helping you to determine which option is most likely to achieve your objective, or forecast if a future event will occur.

  2. Increase your efficiency; by enabling you to identify which elements are unnecessary to spend time and money on, whilst highlighting what issues are most important.

  3. Increase the transparency and inclusivity of your decisions; by facilitating a decision-making process that utilises the full strengths and knowledge of your team, and drives reasoning transparency that incentivises learning and accountability.

Our Services

Missing Piece

Consultative Partnerships

Our bespoke consultancy service provides advice and support to embed the best decision-making and reasoning processes into your team or organisation, by:
  1. Working with you to diagnose your current decision making process and recommend opportunities for improvement, and/or
  2. Helping you to deliver effective and efficient solutions to bespoke problems/projects you have, such as developing theory of changes, designing new strategies or policies, or evaluating the impacts of interventions.
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Our solutions are based on scientific research that has been proven to deliver a:

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