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Tailored Workshops

Our workshops guide attendees to apply the latest methods in cognitive, behavioural and decision sciences to improve their reasoning and decision making. To maximise the benefit we provide, we adjust our content to fit with your unique problem area.

We currently offer three levels of tailored workshops for groups of up to 20 people (please contact us if you have a larger group):

  1.  Essentials

    • Price: £250 per person.

    • Length: Half day/4 hours

  2. Proficient

    • Price: £300 per person.

    • Length: 1 day/7 hours

  3. Mastery

    • Price: From £500 per person (for both days).​

    • Length: 2 days/14 hours.

There is an additional cost if external venue hire is required.

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What will you learn?

Our objective is to provide attendees with the knowledge to improve their reasoning and decision-making skills. To this aim, our workshops focus on:

  • Probabilistic reasoning - utilising probabilistic techniques to interpret, reason, and communicate uncertainty in decision making.

  • Predicting the future - understanding the structure and benefits of Bayes' theorem and related principles to improve the accuracy and efficiency of complex and uncertain decisions.

  • Cognitive Error and Bias reduction - spotting prevalent and damaging cognitive biases that lead to errors in decision-making, along with easy to employ solutions to combat them.

Depending on the attendees' needs, the content in the workshops will be adapted to ensure the problem-solution pairings we focus on are the most relevant. Our sessions are interactive and focus on delving into realistic problems and issues so that the sessions remain engaging and practical.

Our Essential and Proficient Courses Include Modules Such As:

  1. Communicating and interpreting probabilistic judgements;
  2. Identification and mitigation to common cognitive biases;

  3. Introduction to Bayesian reasoning principles and methods to improve predictive judgements (e.g. single forecasts).

  4. Utilising Bayesian reasoning in groups and methods (such as Delphi) to improve group accuracy and decision-making;

Our Mastery Course Goes a Step Further with Modules Such As:

  1. Identification and mitigation of complex cognitive biases;

  2. Advanced techniques to improve forecasting accuracy;

  3. Bayesian modelling training to build computational models that can be used to augment prediction and forecasting efforts, maximising accuracy.

We will discuss your exact needs and best modules to cover prior to undertaking the course.

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