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Consultative Partnerships

We treat our consultative service as a partnership. We provide the telescope that will enable you to see the path to success.


We help you achieve your strategic objectives by providing advice on, and support to embed, the best individual and group reasoning to solve the specific problems you are facing.


Our consultative services span two distinct elements, which can be procured individually or collectively:

  1. Diagnostic Review - we review your decision making process and highlight key risks and the opportunities to improve your accuracy and efficiency.

  2. Project Delivery - we work with you to implement advanced reasoning techniques and processes on a specific project, such as developing a theory of change, designing a new strategy or policy, or evaluating the potential impact of an intervention

Price and Length:

After our free initial discussion we will provide a no-obligation quote. We usually either charge a day rate or value-add project basis.

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Diagnostic Review

What it involves:

"Proper preparation and planning prevents poor performance". Understanding how effective and efficient your decision making process is can bring enormous insights that can lead to game-changing benefits.

During our diagnostic review we are seeking to answer questions such as:​

  • What are the internal structures and incentives to understand and deliver your strategic objectives?

  • What elements of organisational and reasoning complexity do you typically face, and what risks does this pose to your decision accuracy and efficiency?

  • What individual and group reasoning methods are utilised to appraise options, and what are the biggest risks to achieving accurate and effective decisions?


We may ask to undertake focus groups with team members, observe meetings, and/or undertake evaluations such as a noise or decision-outcome audits. All methods and results will be transparently shared and discussed with you. During our first consultation we will agree what elements are most appropriate for you.

What will you receive: 

A thorough report on our findings, including our recommendations to improve your decision-making processes and the potential benefits they would bring.

Project Delivery

Developing a Theory of Change

A fundamental element of any good strategy, a theory of change involves complex predictive reasoning to produce accurately. We can help you develop the key predictors and uncertainties that enable you to accurately and confidently set out the expected impact of your interventions/actions.

What will it involve:

Being aware of what needs to be changed is only as useful as the knowledge and means to deliver it.

We will work with you to implement specific and most beneficial reasoning methods to solve a specific problem or project you are working on. Unlike typical consultants that strip your autonomy, our approach is to leverage our expertise to build your capability. We do this by evaluating the problem with you before supporting you to implement a decision making process that utilises the best and most appropriate reasoning methods.

Your specific needs will determine the methods we propose, however, some typical projects include:

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